Red School Self Storage

Morgantown, Pennsylvania
610 286-7155

Rental Information
Red School Self-Storage
149 North Red School Road
Morgantown, PA 19543
Office closed Sundays, if you need to speak with the manager in person, please call for an appointment.

1. Read your rental agreement carefully.

2. Use of Premises: No mechanical, fabrication, manufacturing, assembly or other related work shall be allowed. No hooks, screws, nails or shelving shall be driven into the walls or framework of the building or storage unit. No signs, advertisements, notices, or lettering shall be allowed on any part of the outside of the storage unit. Automobile gas tanks must be kept full. To avoid cleaning or damage charges, please empty your storage unit of refuse and sweep clean. The tenant is responsible for disposing of all waste material. For your protection, do not stack belongings against walls. They are not designed to support weight.

3. Items not allowed to be stored: Gasoline and other flammable liquids, piled clothes, rags, paper, unlawful goods of any kind, perishable goods (especially food), or used tires. Food of any kind and unboxed paper and clothing attract mice.

4. Insurance: No insurance is provided for any stored items. You may be covered under your current policy ( homeowner’s or renter’s), under the “off premises coverage” section. We suggest that you call your agent or company. Some of the losses you may want to cover are as follows: water damage, theft, vermin, fire or smoke damage, losses due to heat or cold and moisture. There is no climate control in the building and you can expect mold growth during periods of high humidity. It is your responsibility to check your things and wipe them down. Pallets are provided for your use and are recommended to help keep things dry and safe.

5. Locks: Please supply your own.

6. Rent: All rent is due on the first of each month. There will be no invoicing. Please write your unit number on your check or money order. Mail to address above or put in the drop box at the side of the building. It is not necessary to come to the house to make payment.

7. Late charges: One dollar will be charged if rent is not received five days after due date. An additional four dollars will be charged if rent is not received fifteen days after due date. Please note: the unit will be double locked on the thirtieth day after the due date, and access will be denied. Cash or money order in the amount due plus late fees will be needed to eliminate double locking.

8. Cleaning/Damage Deposit: If written notice to vacate is given at least ten days prior to the end of the monthly rental period (see rental agreement), and the unit is left completely vacant and broom clean, the cleaning/damage deposit will be refunded. Penalties will be assessed for repairs, clean out, removal of debris, late charges, or removal of lock, and will be deducted from your deposit.

9.  Please no smoking in the facility.

Thank you
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